How to connect a 3 way switch to a light on another floor?


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I am putting two lights over a straight staircase, one on the 1st floor and the other on the 2nd floor. I want them to be controlled together by 2 3-way switches, one near the bottom of the stairs and one near the top. The stairs run along a wall from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.  One of the lights will be a sconce on the 1st floor at the bottom of the stairs. The other light will be a sconce at the top of the stairs. I can easily connect the light on the 1st floor to the switch on the 1st floor, and the light on the 2nd floor to the light on the 2nd floor. But, given they are on separate floors, how do I connect the two lights together so that they will turn on and off together by either/both switches?


I have another staircase where I will have only one light, controlled by two 3-way switches, one on the 1st floor and the other on the 2nd floor. The light will be on the second floor. How do I connect the switch on the 1st floor to the light?


I am using HomeDesigner Pro 2107

running on a MacBook Air



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I've found something of a work around for this problem but it still isn't completely satisfactory. I've placed all the switches and the fixtures on the same floor, make the connections and then using the height setting in the object specifications (open object or CNTL-e) move it to the desired floor. This way, the switch will show up in elevations and 3D images where I want it. The downside to this method is the objects don't show up on the correct floor in the plans. Don't know if there is a way around that issue.


Anne Snelgrove

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I modified a couple of Square Recessed Light Symbols and added labels that said "To Floor Above" and "To Floor Below"   I turned the lumens to zero.

If you're doing a multi-floor switch arrangement, use the library symbols not the automatic one in the list.  Select the switch type you need.  They don't change automatically when you add extra electrical lines. 

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Simple work around.  Put the light fixture in the same spot on both floor views.  


NOW, find another area where you have a 3 Way Switch and Copy and past that switch where you want it on each floor.  Click on the wall switch and "Open Object"  Uncheck the box labeled " Automatically Change Switch Type When Wiring".

Now wire each switch to the light on each floor and in the plans, it will look like a normal 3 Way Switch Schematic.

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