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  1. afgrove

    How to connect a 3 way switch to a light on another floor?

    I've found something of a work around for this problem but it still isn't completely satisfactory. I've placed all the switches and the fixtures on the same floor, make the connections and then using the height setting in the object specifications (open object or CNTL-e) move it to the desired floor. This way, the switch will show up in elevations and 3D images where I want it. The downside to this method is the objects don't show up on the correct floor in the plans. Don't know if there is a way around that issue. Anne Snelgrove
  2. afgrove

    How to get rid of old CAD Lines

    Eric, Thank you so very much. I should have seen that camera. This has been driving me nuts for days. I have already added a winder at the bottom of the stairs. I will consider moving the door and adding a landing and another stair but my contractor didn't think we should have another door coming into the living room. I'll run your suggestion by him. Thanks again, Anne
  3. afgrove

    How to get rid of old CAD Lines

    Eric, Thank you for your fast response. SNELGROVE_HOUSE_PLANS_deck_and_metal_deck_roof.plan
  4. afgrove

    How to get rid of old CAD Lines

    I have looked and looked in available resources for an answer but all I can find is how to create a CAD Line. I'm working on the final drawings that I will be sending to my General Contractor and I realized there is what I believe to be a stray CAD Line on the first floor plan that serves no purpose and is a little distracting. I have tried selecting it but I cannot. I have tried selecting things at that same point and used the TAB key to no avail. I do have an earlier iteration that does not have this line but I have done a great deal of work between that version of the plans and this final one. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Anne Using Home Designer Pro 2021