Preventing perpendicular walls from auto-extending and joining?


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In HD Pro 2017, how can you prevent 2 perpendicular walls from auto-extending and joining?
I have a steel frame wall which abutts (but a couple of inches offset from) the corner of a concrete wall. The steel wall extends which in turn extends the corner of the concrete (see the first screenshot).

The second screenshots shows another case where a steel frame is merging with an adjacent wood frame.

Thank for the help.



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Go to the floor plan and click on the wall where you want the gap. Then using the handle that appears at the end of the wall, drag it back to where you want it to stop. You can also click on the dimension that shows up to precisely control the gap.



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Use a Room Divider wall drawn parallel to, and positioned whatever distance is required from the wall you do not want to connect to.


The butting wall will snap to the Room Divider.


You may shorten the Room Divider wall so it does not show in the plan.




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Thanks for the replies.


@TomGriff - Unfortunately, what you describe doesn't work in HD Pro 2017.


@Solver - That's a great workaround! Thanks so much. I have to also thank you for the workaround of using the Point to Point Move feature in lieu of a true Align feature. I use that in conjunction with Box Shapes to precisely control offsets of walls/objects from one another (where I use the Box Shape as a specifically sized spacer which I delete afterwards) -- I used this here to get the Room Divider wall a very tiny 1/4" away from the wall. I attached pix of the workaround for the reference of others who run into this issue.



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Actually it is not, basically a "work-around" other than you are working around the pre-programming that is built into walls and other objects. Most of the time, such built in programming works positively but if you want a specific result other than what is usual, then additional steps are then necessary.



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