Herringbone backsplash not working


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I am trying to create a angled herringbone backsplash and so far it's not been working.  I've copied various library objects, including a single tile object and a patterned object from daltile as well as the built-in subway tile object.  I also tried using silestone lyra countertop material.


I copy the object, then edit the copy and change it to herringbone and rotate it 45 degrees.


In the library chooser it then shows on the left side the correct looking pattern, however when rendered in 3D view it just looks normal.  It is never put into a herringbone pattern, let alone the 45 degree herringbone that I am going for.


With the silestone lyra, it never adds in grout/mortar lines, so it more of less looks like a giant countertop. If you look closely you can see the software trying to herringbone it sort of, but it never adds in the grout lines.


Some of this may be some misunderstanding on my part regarding how the software treats tile vs textures, I am not sure.  Any advice would be much appreciated!





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Thanks David for the video.  I didn't think to put two side by side but each at a different angle.


However, as you noted, it's not quite a true herringbone.


What gets me is that in pattern view if you change from "brick" to "herringbone" (in general->Material type) and then rotate, it shows it exactly as I am desiring.  I just can't seem to figure out how to get it to render properly in 3D view.  I don't understand why they give you the ability to change the pattern to herringbone if they don't give you a way to render it accordingly in 3D view.


The herringbone pattern is becoming a very popular tile design and so I am a bit surprised that they don't have a way to have it render properly in 3D view.  Or maybe they do and I haven't figured it out yet?

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