Roof causing gap in wall??


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I can't figure out how to get the roof in my attached photo to overhang and therefore not cause the gap in the wall? If I open the object of the wall that is supporting the roof section in question and edit the overhang length it doesn't apply to the side I am attempting to fix....I am using HD suit 2017.

thank you for any help you provide! Ive attached a jpeg of the wall gap and my plan file...

thanks again!




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But...there is a work-around.

On level 2,  draw a new wall outside the offending east wall. Open this wall and set it to your 'high shed' gable.

Extend the north wall over to the new wall, thereby creating a new room (a long narrow room).

Open the the new room and check 'use soffit surface for ceiling'.

Open the roof dialog and uncheck 'auto rebuild roof'.


You can now delete the new wall and move the extended north wall back into place.

If any osb is showing in the soffit area, try opening and reclosing the east wall.  That usually gets rid of the osb and makes the whole soffit white.

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