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  1. jamiraux

    roof problem

    Hello, I am wondering why my roof is jutting out on the east side of my garage....I'm not sure how this happened...and not sure how to fix it...any information is helpful... thanks!
  2. Thank you both for your help, Jo_Ann I did your work around and it appeared to do the trick!
  3. Hello, I can't figure out how to get the roof in my attached photo to overhang and therefore not cause the gap in the wall? If I open the object of the wall that is supporting the roof section in question and edit the overhang length it doesn't apply to the side I am attempting to fix....I am using HD suit 2017. thank you for any help you provide! Ive attached a jpeg of the wall gap and my plan file... thanks again! Jess MarksHousetest2.plan
  4. yes there was an extra wall, thank you Eric! I will keep on trucking along now with my new found confidence!
  5. Here is whats happening to my plan? I'm not sure how to upload the little 3D model like you did, does this help? see the obvious gap on the garage side? ShedRoofEx.plan
  6. that's it! Can I create that in the Suit version?
  7. Hello, I am new to the program. I am using Home Designer Suit 2017. I am attempting to build a 2 story home with a garage attached to the east side of the home....both garage and house are intended to have low pitch shed roofs that slope away from each other. I can build 2 separate structures with the intended shed roofs but cannot seem to attach the garage and house together without ruining the roofs...like I said I'm a rookie...any information might help. I'm wondering if this roof style is even possible to create with the Suit version of this program?