Two problems/questions: exterior walls and a sofa that keeps flipping!


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Hi. First, thanks to all who helped me yesterday in figuring out that I'm not crazy. The directions in the tutorials/ info don't, in fact, match up with the Interiors product.  I'm making some progress, though, now I have two specific problems/questions.


First, I'm reconfiguring the entire interior of a house/apartment that will be built over the next few months/year.  The exterior walls on the plan are fixed. They cannot be changed, and I'm having the devil of a time figuring out how to work with the Interiors product to do this.  The walls are exactly 25 cm. thick,.  I can get approximately the right measurements, but can't nail it. I think part of difficulty might be that I can't seem to set a default for walls on Interiors that works for this particular case and I can't use some mid-line measurement (which I don't have) but must draw from the outside measurement of the walls. 


Second problem:  Why does the corner sofa I have placed  with the corner in the northwest corner of a room on the 2D plan suddenly flip to be floating in the middle of the room , with the corner in the southeast, when I look in dollhouse view?   I can correct it in dollhouse view, but then it's flipped to be wrong on the 2-D plan.  Explanations? Fixes?



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Does Interiors have the ability to set the wall thickness? post-171-0-56785400-1464202753_thumb.jpg


This is from Suite. Maybe the extra $20.00 is worth it?


For the sofa, it's usually a good idea to attach the plan file -- make sure it's not open in the program, for this type of problem.


And let us know where the sofa came from. The library or other website.

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