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Hi all. I'm a new user of Home Designer Interiors and am trying to create a slanted or sloped ceiling. The same question was asked by arthur17crusader on 22 June 2014, but I'm still confused and need hand-holding.

Can someone give me specific steps and values for the dialog box(es)?

The attachment shows my measurements and results from an online bathroom planner, which is what I'm trying to reproduce.

The room, by the way, is a master bedroom en suite and is part of a bedroom extension added to the top of our garage. There is an crawlspace above. The roof is gabled.




Using Windows 8.1 and Home Designers Interiors 2017. Build 18.2.042x64

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Thanks for filling out your sig.


Nothing was attached. When you post with an attachment, you should see the attachment just like everyone else after you click the Post button.




Do you care how the outside looks, or are you just designing the interior?




Resources for self help:
The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
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Forgot to mention, I'm not overly concerned about how the outside looks. However, it would be good to know how to do both the inside and outside since I might care about the outside in the future and it would all be part of learning and understanding the program and procedures. Cheers, Eric!

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In the build roof dialog, set the pitch of the roof to match the sloped ceiling.


Set the high wall to high shed/full gable. Set the end walls to full gable.


In the Room Specification dialog, set the ceiling height to match where the sloped ceiling intersects the wall.


Turn off Auto Rebuild Roof.


In the Room Specification dialog, set the ceiling height to its proper height.




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