Circular/Radial Brick Pattern


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It's good to see you found your way to the correct forum. You had a good answer over at ChiefTalk, but I guess Pro doesn't have the tools to do it.


Please post a picture or two -- not a link to a picture, of what you are wanting to do.





Resources for self help:
The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
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A material is defined by two separate file types per material

1. is a .pat file or pattern file for visuals in vector views

2. For render views a material has a texture file (usually a bit map image file like .jpeg, .png or .bmp file formats) You can find the precise procedure in your Reference Manual, the section is about "Custom Materials", how to create and import them. In order to have a circular pattern the texture or image would have to show a single instance of the masonry pattern and so seamlessly repeat itself across 3D faces or surfaces.


One would have to learn how to write .pat files (such technology exists on the "WWW", I used to know how to write simple .pat files but have since forgotten how to, if you are determined enough you can do that as well). If you can find an image of a single instance of your intended texture (often times an image from a masonry company website can be used but it must be properly trimmed so it repeats across 3D surfaces seamlessly.


This is about all I know about custom materials.





Here is a video about making seamless texture files:

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