Best approach for a partial-cathedral ceiling?


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Sorry for the lack of a picture as I'm traveling right now. I'm looking for the best way to model a first floor room where the ceiling follows the roof pitch on one side of the room then flattens to a level ceiling for the rest. The room is quite high as the 'short side' wall is typical first-floor height and the 'tall side' reaches nearly to the height of my second story ceilings.

I first thought of a very tall 'knee wall' - but that didn't work out so well as the 'short side' is an outside wall and it is the endpoint for the roof, so no real roof intersection point at the wall.

I though next that I 'divide' the room and specify one side as cathedral (no ceiling) and the other side with the level ceiling height - I believe that might work, but I want to ensure it is still recognized as a single room for area calculations, materials, etc.

Is this the best approach or am I missing some other technique?

Thanks for the assistance.

HD Professional 2017

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That's the only way that meets your criteria.


You will want to stop thinking about using the tricks needed is lesser titles -- like dividing a room to get different ceilings, and take advantage of the tools Pro offers.

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