Room defaults and overrides driving me crazy


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I have a problem with my plan!   On the first floor, the family room and kitchen are set at 12' ceiling height.  The rest of the first floor is 9' ceiling height (the Floor 1 default).


The second floor built correctly on top of the first floor.  The roof is correct.


My problem is the Front Porch room height.  I want it to be at 9", not 12'.  It shares a wall with the first floor Family Room.  When I lower the porch height, it lowers the Family Room as a whole.  That messes up the second floor.  Then the stairs don't align.


HELP!  This is driving me crazy.





O-plan Revised.plan

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The problem is caused by the part of the 2nd floor that extends over the porch. Stupid, I know.


Draw an invisible wall (room divider) on the 2nd floor creating 2 new rooms. One where the cabinets are, the other just to the left.


Increase the thickness of the floor structure in these spaces by the amount you need to lower the ceiling below. This will automatically raise the ceiling height in these two new rooms, so you will need to subtract the same amount from the ceiling height.


Go to the first floor and lower the ceiling of the porch.


You will need to rebuild the roof to see the changes there.

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Thanks Eric. I agree it is stupid.  I love HD Architectural  but after a month of heavy usage, I'm seeing a number of annoyances that continue to irritate me.


I'm sure I have a lot to learn, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing most things correctly.  I see the Pro version solve a lot of issues, but at $300 more, it isn't worth it.


You suggested changing the thickness of the floor structure.  In Architectural, you can not change the joist size, as far as I can tell.  Is that what you were referring to?

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Here's my version of the plan.


To get double doors, resize the door to a minimum of 48"


There was no need to "thicken the floor" for the second  floor, just raise or lower Floor C


Aligned the 1st floor with 2nd floor


Put the 2nd floor stairs on the 1st floor then raised it using the Landing tool.


Unchecked Auto roof return (2nd floor Family Room) it won't show anyway.


To raise the Terrain pad,  lower the number  Don't ask!  lol


Try using different pitches for the plan just for fun.





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