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"Explode Architectural Block" is only available for architectural blocks as an edit tool.  It isn't available for everything.  What were you hoping to be able to use it on?

Or were you referring to making an Architectural Block?  You'll only have that edit tool if you have applicable things selected (like it you have a Rich Text box selected along with some cabinets, you won't see the edit tool).

I don't recall ever seeing a clothesline in the Library Browser (and I have most of the bonus/manufacturer catalogs installed and a search doesn't come up with anything either) so maybe import one from SketchUp?

KB-00888: Importing 3D Symbols


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Hi katalyst

In regard to the architectural blocks, I was grouping some kitchen cabinets. I was able to move and rotate but there was no block button, ....the coloured cube.

You are probably right re the clothes line....last time I may have simply drawn a square cad box to represent the clothes line rather than a simple library insert.

Thanks for your assistance


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