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Hello Again,


Per Eric's suggestion, I'm reposting my previous topic ( https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/331-hip-roof-flat-roof-combo/ )as I am now using Pro and not Suite. In addition, I've updated one of my attachments as it showed an incorrect roof design.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,




From previous topic:

"Hello Everyone,


I'm new to using Home Designer Suite 2015, and am having some trouble matching my existing roof (I have no design, architecture, or engineering background).  The house was built in the 1950s with a hip roof.  In the 1960s, an addition was made with a flat roof.  I've tried countless variations of gable / shed using different walls, but have failed each time.  I've attached images of the current roof and my plan file.  "



Cedar Roof.pdf


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Start by resetting roof directives in walls to the default. Edit>Reset To Defaults. Select All Floors, and Roof Directives In Walls.


For each room under the flat roof, uncheck Roof Over This Room


Now build the roof. You should get a roof correctly built over the original house.


I suspect the ceiling height under the flat roof is lower than in the rest of the house. You will lower the roof plane after it is drawn to match.


Turn off auto rebuild roofs and set the pitch in the Build Roof dialog to match the flat roof.


Draw in a manual roof plane, starting over the far outside wall of the family room, and continue until it's close to the house. Select it, open it and change its baseline height to match the height of the wall it was drawn over.


Now join it to the roof on the house. You can try an automatic join, but it may not do what you expect. Select the edge of the flat roof plane nearest the house, press the 2 key (2 is the Join Roof command, 3 is the Break Line command) the select the roof plane on the house to join to. 


I'm sure you will need to do some cleanup and adjustments to get things correct, but you should be close.


Post back with questions.


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