Some external walls have odd gaps above footings in 3D view


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In 3D view the various wall types I used cause gaps to the footing:



I need various wall types as my house has a mix of old and new walls, dry lined versus direct plastered etc and also thicker corner sections due to the second floor being mostly tiled.


Is this a glitch with 3D rendering or something I've not set correctly.  I am not trying to achieve visual perfection but want to ensure this this floor is drawn correctly before working on the second.


Sample plan file attached.

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Thanks both.


In the end I continued with the plan and a little later when adding a smaller internal wall a couple of the anomalies fixed themselves and labelling the adjoining room fixed the others on the other side of the house.    I reverted to the previous saved copy and repeated just those last two steps with the same results.


These actions obviously cause something to be adjusted or recalculated, but as a software developer myself I would call this a bug.  Not serious in overall use, just makes a new user such as myself wonder if I am using the tool incorrectly. 

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