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Hi All,


Just starting w/Home Designer Pro 2016.

Have a plan pretty much created several rooms and such, however. when I perform the calculate materials for this room, the drywall count seems to be off.

For example.


I have a bathroom created 8*8.. only 1 wall is an exterior wall and ceilings are 8' tall.. no other options.. but when I select the room, right click and perform calculate materials for this room.. it is only showing me 2 count for 4'*8'*5/8 sheetrock ?


Any suggestions...

Thought is 4 walls approximately 8' wide.. 8'tall should be at least a count of 8 boards of sheetrock ?

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With all the features that HD Pro offers, I'm surprised that the program can't calculate the amount of sheet rock required for a given area.


Anyway, I did use the manual approach with help from an APP on my iPad that I thought might be helpful. It's called Home Builder Pro Calcs. It offers three options for calculating the amount of dry wall sheets and even tells you the required fasteners, joint compound and tape required. The APP has other cost and materials calcs that have come in handy for my budgeting purposes. I recall it costing just a few bucks and well worth the investment.


Hope this helps.

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