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I have a multiple floor building with various ceiling heights.  It has been a struggle to draw.  Now, I'm attempting to revised ceiling heights and floor elevations.  In most cases without success. I have revised elevations in the Spec box when it allows it but the walls do not regenerate with the new ceiling heights.  Also, in many situations the elevations are greyed out which I don't understand.  Why would the software coder block the designer from changing or setting the elevations.  That is my choice, not theirs.  The s/w package is great but very very frustrating.


How can I do the above?

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First, set the defaults correctly Edit>Default Settings>Floor


You will need to do this for each floor, so while in plan view, select a floor, then change its defaults.


Then Edit>Reset To Defaults


Select All Floors and the additional items you want to reset.


This may do what you need. If not, post back.

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