Holes in roof plane

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I exploded an auto-dormer to be able to modify individual pieces of the dormer.  I modified the dormer's roof plane slightly and now need to clean up the roof plane the dormer attaches to.  I can't seem to be able to select the hole in the roof plane that the dormer occupies.  See attachment.


What am I missing?



Pinecrest y3.zip

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A dormer is composed of (made up from) two roof planes, three walls, in invisible wall, and a poly-line that cuts a hole in the roof. When you create a dormer object using the dormer tool, it makes a unit that contains these objects by default but when you "explode" that object you break it down to its individual parts as above, so after exploding, any editing must be carefully aware that you are manipulating several individual objects and not just one, just keep that in mind please.



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