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  1. I exploded an auto-dormer to be able to modify individual pieces of the dormer. I modified the dormer's roof plane slightly and now need to clean up the roof plane the dormer attaches to. I can't seem to be able to select the hole in the roof plane that the dormer occupies. See attachment. What am I missing? Pinecrest y3.zip
  2. Sounds like a bug BUT your workaround (regenerate the attic) worked great! Thanks.
  3. Two interior walls are being generated in the attic of my design which I don't understand. They have external siding on one side and interior finish on the other. If I try and delete them HD give a warning and turns them invisible. Could some experienced person please explain why these walls exist??? Thanks!! Ooops! Plan re-uploaded Pinecrest y3.zip
  4. DaveFite

    Rake trim?

    I'm not sure of the correct terminology but I'm looking for a way to add trim boards along the top of a wall under the eave. This trim covers the edge of the siding where it meets the roof. There are tools to add corner boards where siding meets at the corner, but I can't seem to find anything to help add what I'm calling "rake trim". Any suggestions?
  5. I've searched the forum, the home designer reference manual, and the online documentation but can't find a way to change an entire floor's structure. When I started my .plan I selected a 8'0" ceiling height for both the first and second floors. I'd like to change the entire 1st floor to 9'0". Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to select each room on the floor and change the structure in the room specification dialogue? Thanks for any help/suggestions!
  6. DaveFite

    Window casings

    Thank you very much for pointing out the solution. Mind providing a quick explanation of how this wall effects the window at all? It's perpendicular to the window and not touching it in any way. I'm confused!
  7. DaveFite

    Window casings

    Here's the compressed plan. Thanks for your help. Pinecrest x6.zip
  8. DaveFite

    Window casings

    Thanks for the suggestions Eric, but neither one corrects the problem.
  9. DaveFite

    Window casings

    I'm having trouble with a particular window (3x casement windows) In the top pictures, everything is correct. I grab the 3 windows as a group and move them slightly. An interior and exterior casing is now generated between two of the windows which I do not want. What am I doing incorrectly? Thanks for any help! Dave ps. My plan is 27MB so I can't post it due to the size limits.
  10. Thanks Eric. I admit to my novice status... How do I select the "dormer" room to turn off the crown? Every selection I attempt selects the entire room, not just the dormer. If I select the dormer, there doesn't appear to be any setting regarding the moldings. (just Roof, Walls, Line Style) If I select the exterior wall which the dormer is attached, how would I set it to have crown molding on sections not in the dormer but not in the peak of the dormer?
  11. Just an update... I found the "Gable Sub Fascia" setting adjusts the height 'ceiling' I was having display problems with. To find this I changed each possible framing option one at a time and viewed the results on various displays (framing overview, full overview, cross section, etc) Some settings such as "Rafter Depth" seemed to have no effect. I don't understand that at all. Seems like a major factor in the construction of the roof plane. Still seeking help on the crown molding on the interior gable wall which I don't want which pokes through and displays on the exterior wall. Is there a way to selectively display/hide molding on sections of a single wall?
  12. Plan was posted in my initial post (px.plan)
  13. I changed the rafter depth to 3 1/2 and left fascias at 5 1/2 but the ceiling is still in the same place. I want crown molding on in the room just not in the peak of the dormer. Auto build roof if off. These are manual roof planes over the door. I generated all of the roof planes originally and then turned off auto rebuild. I had to manually edit the roof to create the shed dormer since the auto dormer tool doesn't support creating a dormer across multiple roof planes.
  14. I hoping the experts can quickly point me in the right direction. I've searched the documentation and tried changing a bunch on setting but can't seem to find the right setting to change. 1) Interior crown molding is poking through the exterior wall and displaying on the exterior of the house. See hd1.jpg blue circle near top of dormer and hd2.jpg blue arrow. 2) I manually created two roof planes over the doorway. They were created using the default roofing values. I wanted then dimensions to match the two auto-generated dormer roofs with have smaller fascia widths. I changed the rafter depth (in the Roof Plane Specification window) for the two roof planes from 7 1/2 (the default) to 5 1/2 to match the dormer generated values. I also changed the Gable and Eave Fascia values to 5 1/2, again to match the auto generated roof planes. The resulting display has the fascia's matching but the roof plane ceiling is too low. How can I correct this? See hd1.jpg blue circle. Thanks for any help!! px.plan
  15. Thanks Jo_Ann & Mick! Yes, the auto dormer stuff doesn't work through multiple roof planes so I'm learning to manually create the shed dormer.
  16. Thanks DJP. I did not turn off any checking, and I don't see any circles. I did attach the plan to my initial post (p1.plan)
  17. All the walls look like they overlap. Any way to check? There is no dormer in the current .plan
  18. I created a 2nd floor after getting my roof planes in the correct position (I want to make the attic into 2nd floor). I created a closed box with exterior walls. I attempted to select the new space so I could name it and play with ceiling heights but I can't select the room/space. What am I doing wrong??? Help? p1.plan