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Having a problem with a room over a garage that has a full dormer wall. I just cant get it to work. Either I end up the roof being deformed because the walls on the second story are full height or HD not recognizing the space as a room, HD giving me a error on the knee walls not interesting the roofline or triangle gaps in the wall on the house. I started by building the garage walls and defining the wall the holds the garage doors as a Full Dormer Wall, then I built the second story and attempted to add the knee walls. The roofs are being generated by auto roofs. My first pic is what the exterior should look like, minus the return sticking through the roof. Thats another problem. Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.




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Dave and Eric thanks for taking the time to look into my problem(s). Its really appreciated. After looking at the project file Eric provided and watching Dave's video some of the mistakes were pretty clear. 


What I was attempting to do was have the room over the garage at the same level as the 2nd floor of the main house, but have the garage floor lower than the 1st floor of the main house. It was my intent to have the finished ceiling heights of the house at 9'  and 8'. The ceiling in the garage should be 9' plus the difference between its floor and the floor of the main home. I was also fighting how the height of the garage and the room above it effected the porch roof and its overhang. If the height of the garage wasn't at a certain level, the overhang on the porch became excessive.


I sunk the garage floor in an attempt to do this, maybe I should have raised the main house instead?


What are the correct settings for the garage floor if my intent is that its foundation be a slab built on top of a foundation wall but with no room below it? I am a bit confused by that.


Currently I have:


"Floor Under this room" unchecked,

"Floor supplied by the foundation room below" checked 

"Monolithic Slab Foundation" unchecked.


Thanks again for all your help.

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For some reason, changing the Floor to -12 would not stick until I changed the stem wall. The Floor kept going back to 16".


Your foundation also needs rebuilding.


If you look in a Doll House view, the wall between the garage and entry has some problems at the bottom. Guessing it's because of the stairwell.

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