A-shape Rain Diverter over front door


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Hi All


Looking to create A-shape Rain Diverter over front door ( see attached RainDiverterOverDoor.jpg ) .  Cannot find this function and tried the " gable " build - without success. Can you please point me in right direction ? Also attaching rendering of the home featuring a Simple Gable Roof.


Thank you





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After placing the dormer higher up on the roof, grab the move handle and carefully drag it down to the front wall.

Open the dbx.  The gable pitch will probably need to be set lower than the default 12".


Hopefully, Suite has the option to change the eave overhang.  Change it to about 24".

Open the 'walls' tab in the dbx and set the height to 6" (it won't allow anything lower).

Set the width, also.


Your 'rain diverter' should now look just like Eric's pic.

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