How do I create my own title block layout lemplate to save and use with my projects


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I'm new to Home Designer and have the Pro version on my Mac.  I'm trying to create my own title block that I can use for all my projects.


I understand how to send to layout but I do not want to have to change the info in the title block each time. I'd like to have a personalized template that I can use.


Can someone point me to a tutorial, preferably a video that I can reference for help? I should specify that creating the actual drawing is not the problem. I think where I'm having difficulty is saving , filing and retrieving for use.


Pulling my hair out!

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I've made changes to the default Plan Template so each new plan automatically has them.


I bet you can do the same with the default Layout Template. Open it, add your title block, then save. 


I'm off to work, but a bit of searching here on the Forum should provide more details.


Also check the Knowledge Base for info.

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