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  1. You can do it through the Rail Specification.
  2. There was a post on May 2nd with a similar issue, no good results other than manually extended the gable wall.
  3. Scott, I’ve had this happen a lot when you have auto rebuild roofs on and mark the one room no flat ceiling. You can drag the attic wall over and cover it up but then it hangs down in the room so you have to adjust the bottom of the wall also.
  4. What piers are you changing, the house foundation piers or the deck piers?
  5. If the kitchen is in the slab section and the wood floor section, that’s probably what Is causing it. If so you might have to use a room divider and split the kitchen where the floor is different.
  6. You don’t happen to have the room above marked as garage?
  7. Check your Basement Garage floor structure and make sure floor under this room is checked. This is what I get if it's not checked.
  8. It is according to what type of structure you're wanting to draw; I did this in Pro 2024 Trial version, the walls were setup in Wall type, but roof was mostly manual rafters and roof blocking for the purlins. There are more options, and you can do better job in Chief Premier.
  9. Hi Woody, I've tried to draw your example in the trail version of Home Designer Suite. The problem is with the center wall dividing the two side rooms, if you delete it the outside closes in. In Chief Premier there is an option to balloon wall through ceiling above which fixes it, but that option isn't available in suite. Also, in Suite you can't adjust the bottom of the walls you have in the picture. I'm not sure what you solution will be other than removing the center wall.
  10. I looked your plan over and there are several things with walls not lined up and roof planes that aren’t parallel to the walls. I could help you sort through them but it would take some time with a zoom meeting to show you how to change things. If you’d like to contact me, give me a call or email. Thanks.
  11. I started with hip roofs on the porch, broke the roof planes and moved to the position you need. Draw a attic wall on the 2nd floor.
  12. Here is how the default floor structure is set. The Open Web Floor Trusses will have to be drawn manually in HDP 2023. Hope this help you understand how to the floor structure works.
  13. Can't really tell from the picture, but is the area under the stairs marked open below?
  14. In the layout view go to tools, toolbars, Customize Toolbars, search for page then drag the 2 arrows and change layout page onto you tool bar.
  15. I’ve had that happen before but I can’t remember what the problem was. It seems like there was something out of line with the walls or the roof. If you can post your plan someone might be able to figure it out. Did you draw the roof manually?
  16. If you place dormers and then break the main roof plane and pull it up to the wall, the dormer disappears. Eric’s video works perfect in Chief Premier but you don’t have the subtraction tool in Home Designer. Does Home Designer have the roof hole tool?
  17. It can be done manually. It is one story and did it by breaking the front wall and raising it, breaking the roof and making a hole. Then manually drew roof over raised wall and used the number 2 key to join it to the main roof. it just takes knowing how to manipulate the walls and the roof. There may be a better way, but you can't use the subtraction tool in Home Designer program.
  18. Bonus Catalogs Door Hardware 3 & 5 have them.
  19. I only have the trial versions of 2023 and the Patrick Bar Pull # 2 wasn't in the catalog. I have it in my version of 2021 so maybe there's a problem with the catalog?
  20. I was able to put the handles on a cabinet in X14 Premier and open it in HD Suite. That would be an option to have someone take your plan and change the handles in HD Pro, HD Architectural or X 14 if that’s the handle you need. Just an idea.
  21. In 2023 Architectural and Pro there's an option to rotate the handles, that option is not available in Suite from what I'm seeing.
  22. The wall type definition . controls the settings your needing, see below. The foam seal is in the foundation setting, options. It shows as 1/2" in the material list and I don't see a way to change it. I hope this helps.
  23. I opened your plan and a soon as you angle the windows the casing shows up where they are joined together. I found a way to make it look like the lower ones with a little work. I removed the casing on both the upper and lower windows, then used the custom backsplash tool to create a casing. It will shows as backsplash in the material list if that matters. 
  24. Go to build roof (not framing), structure and change rafter space if there instead of defaults.
  25. To get the center of the sink you might have to use manual dimensions and manually select the dimension line and move the arrow at the wall to the drywall. I tried it and that’s the only way I could get it.