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  1. That's very helpful, thank you. I have no idea how I got my file all messed up but I've copied/pasted all deck items to floor 1 and now it's all there together. What makes things more confusing is while the posts are showing Object Layer: Framing Posts, when I open the spec window it says there it is a deck post. I want to better understand object layer info and searched that term in the reference manual and that term doesn't exist there. The manual has been great for a lot of things but this is an example of where it leaves me wanting more. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Here's screen shots showing no deck posts in plan view for either level 0 or level 1, both levels have display on for Framing-Deck Beams, Framing-Deck Framing, & Framing-Deck Posts. 3D shows the posts exist, but they don't show up in plan view. Frustrating, probably something simple but have no clue.
  3. Unfortunately this still isn't completely right... beam and joists are showing up in plan view now but the deck posts still don't show up.
  4. OMG, I feel like such a noob, I didn't realize there is a floor zero. Yes that solves the problem, many thanks.
  5. Well, the deck framing displays in 3D view, but I can't get it to display in the plan. here's a 3D pic of the plan I previously posted. And as requested I attached the plan in question. I'm sure I've done a lot of things in this plan poorly, it's quite a challenge as a noob to recreate something already existing. 9624 v4.plan
  6. Thanks! I think your username needs an upgrade to expert, that was a brilliant fix. Never crossed my mind to wall break a railing, so much to learn. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks, but I just want the deck framing to display as it should on floor 1, I'm trying to solve that basic problem.
  8. Unfortunately that is not what is going on. When I am viewing floor 1, the deck outline is present but the framing is hidden. When I view floor 2 the deck outline is gone because the deck resides on floor 1. The issue is that the deck framing won't display. Here's a pict, the orange box is around the deck area, the framing should be showing per the Layer Display Options but it doesn't.
  9. Using HD Pro 2024 I've set the layer display options for Framing: Deck Framing to display, but it still won't display in plan view (see pic). But I see the joists and beam in 3D view just fine. Interestingly, if I display the deck planking that will show up in plan view, but still no joists and beam. For reference, I did customize the framing of this deck, no idea if that matters here. Any suggestions what else I need to do to see the deck framing in plan view?
  10. Unfortunately I'm stumped on this one. The ends of my deck railing need to move away from the deck corners so they aren't buried inside the walls and roof. Here's some pictures to help explain. Some notes: -This is a first story deck elevated to tuck under the 2nd story cantilever. -I customized the framing to put the beam at the same level as the joists -I'm using HD Pro 2024 What I've tried: -If I move the railing away from the wall, the deck disappears (probably since it is no longer attached to the house). -In Deck Railing Specifications - Rail Style - Start/End Posts: I've tried every combination along with Start Wall and End Wall Offsets but that doesn't move them. Any help appreciated.
  11. It seems the deck/balcony railings are only top mount, but I'm going to use side mount similar to this pic. Is there a way to accomplish this in Home Designer Pro 2024? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm unfortunately stumped on how to accomplish drawing this structure to the back of my existing house and have a few problems to solve in my Home Designer Pro 2024. 1) Due to the 2nd story cantilever I need to attach the deck just below that cantilever to the top of the first floor wall via a ledger board (see red lines in pic). The deck is about 36' wide and will protrude about 12'. Because of it's lower head clearance underneath I want to elevate the outer beam using joist hangers on both the beam as well as the ledger board on the house. In other words the joists will not sit on top of the beam as is typical. There will be 4 posts holding up the beam over the 36' span. 2) Home Designer "decks" assume planks is the floor surface and covers all the joists, but both assumptions don't work for me. I will be using a waterproof fiberglass build-up on top of plywood. Also to maintain the waterproofing at the wall I will be installing some Z strip galvanized flashing to tie into, but because the ledger and joists are tight up to the cantilever, the flashing will follow the contour of the 2nd story wall (blue line in pic). Thanks in advance for helping to solve this mystery.