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  1. Using Home Designer Pro 2024. I want to create a wall type whose main layer consists of 2x10 bottom and top plates and 2x4 studs staggered 24" OC along opposite sides of the plates (leaving a 2.25" space between stud rows that is void of studs). If I create the 2x10 plates, then HDPro uses 2x10 studs (not what I want). If I create a 2x4 layer, a 2.25" air gap, and a 2x4 layer, I get staggered studs, but on separate, unconnected, uncoordinated 2x4 plates (not what I want). I think this is a not-uncommon wall configuration for achieving high R values, but it seems HDPro can't handle it. I prefer not to get into manipulating individual studs. Any way to get HDPro to create 2x10 plates with staggered 2x4 studs on opposite sides of the plates? Thanks.