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  1. I can figure out for the life of me how to change the size of a concrete block so that it quotes correctly in the materials list. The default blocks dimensions are: 128mmx256mmx190mm But the block in need to use is: 150mmx400mmx200mm Any ideas are very much appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  2. Thank you David, that's not exactly my case. It's only one wall, concrete b lock on one side and the other is furred out with steel studs and drywall. If I want a doorway without a jamb the wall appears hollow.
  3. How do I close up ends on thick walls with doorways? I could add a jamb, but then it won't keep the base moldings. Any ideas? Thank in advance Joe
  4. Thank you for the idea but that doesn't work, as the casing can be recessed into the wall
  5. Has anyone figured out how to cut a bevel into a thick wall or window opening (See example home below with deep beveled windows on the first floor). Home Designer Pro doesn't seem to really have any 3D tools, Maybe this needs to be done in a 3D program and imported? Thank you for any direction.