How do you show a roof on two plan levels?


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I am a newbie to this very cool -  HD Pro world;


I notice I can show my roof design on the 1st floor or the floor above;

How does one show a roof design on the floor plan - and also on a floor above - to be used a plot or site plan?


Do you just turn off layers till all you wish to show is relevant of floor level 1? ( First Floor)

Or is it possible to have the roof showing on both?


I have messed with this for a while - no solution other than layer display adjustments. B)


Many Thanks to all of you with input to date.


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Roof planes can be turned on or off via Display Options.

They can be made to appear on one floor at a time by manually sending them "up a floor or down a floor"

But being each a singular object those objects cannot be in two or more places simultaneously, that is how they programmed  it to work.



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you would make the layer adjustments before sending to Layout if you want the Roof planes to show on different pages of your Plans. Pro only has one layout page though, so you have to use multiple "Save As" Plans for each level.


Chief has other options for this , might be worth trying that Trial too if you are using the Software Professionally.



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Who is Mick - and the consistent request to add version and title to your Signature?

Is not what I show adequate?

Or am I missing something here? (Again..)


Anyway - Thanks Kbird1 - that is what I had resolved myself - to do, to achieve that result.


And DJP - I had concluded, in the meantime, exactly what you have said - Thanks for your input.


I'll go without what I am used to doing - just for the other joys offered me with HD Pro.( And Chief.)

Many Thanks.

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I think that makes you the only person who reads my Forum Signature Rob  :)   , it also includes a link to a post on how to add pics or your plan to a post , and another to the HD Knowledgebase (KB) where HD put their Tutorials and is there to save me typing the same requests over and over ( and over ). Apologies if you thought they were directed at You.



 You Signature is fine by the way

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