Multiple materials on a wall in a shower


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Hello, I just purchased home designer and its my first time using something like this. I am a home remodeler that does a lot of bathrooms/tile. I bought this software so I could show my clients a 3D representation of what their bathroom would look like with the materials they pick out.


When trying to create some sample showers, I cant figure out how to split a wall vertically with different materials. I am trying to create accent strips, border tiles, etc... basically a pony wall but not just a single horizontal divider. I was having a little bit of luck with using room dividers for some things but for the most part that didnt work.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

help 2.jpg

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yes use custom backsplash if you have curves in designs

then change material to picture of your tile.

Might have to edit tile material file to get sizes correct but that is not hard.

IF all vertical and horizontal lines in layout then use cabinet partitions and lay against wall and adjust dims

same thing with material.


What you need to do is find something to stick to wall that you can change material of and then create material files of your custom tiles.

Which is not hard if you can get good picture files of tile in large pattern so HD can apply and crop as required since you can adjust size inside material option window.


SO I did 6x36 wood look floor tile for my house.

Went to manufacturer and HD etc websites to find a good picture of large area say 10ftx8ft of tile laid out.

Then copied and created new tile material in my library for this.

Crate one 0 degree layout and another 90 degree depending on which room it was going in.

But I created size of block to match picture actual tile size laid out so when HD painted it to floor it was scale.

I concentrated editing the TEXTURE tab in the material screen as that is what looks realistic and what I was showing my customer - THE WIFE.


screen shot of material screen for one custom tile I made.



Screenshot 2023-03-18 082859.png

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