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  1. Appreciate the input, I will have to look into the Chief Architect Premier and see what benefits there are to it. In the meantime ill watch these videos and see if I cant figure out an option with what I already purchased. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am new to Home Designer and still getting my bearings. I am seeking a little bit of advice on how to create something like a custom "floating" vanity if my customer picks one out and it is not in the library. I am trying to re-create my own personal bathroom on HD Pro for practice, so ive attached an image of my floating vanity for reference. It seems like a lot of people in the videos i've been watching use sketchup to custom create the 3D item they want to import. Looks like I might have to go get my bearings and dive into sketchup as well If anyone has any advice or feedback on this I would be very grateful!
  3. Hello, I just purchased home designer and its my first time using something like this. I am a home remodeler that does a lot of bathrooms/tile. I bought this software so I could show my clients a 3D representation of what their bathroom would look like with the materials they pick out. When trying to create some sample showers, I cant figure out how to split a wall vertically with different materials. I am trying to create accent strips, border tiles, etc... basically a pony wall but not just a single horizontal divider. I was having a little bit of luck with using room dividers for some things but for the most part that didnt work. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!