Shower door with sidelight?


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Shower Stalls with or without the Tray are easy to make out of Cabinet Partitions or Soffits , changing the Size and material as needed, once you make the Glass Panel you can then easily save it to your Library and reuse it for each panel resizing as needed , and use it in future Projects too.


I used soffits here




I think if  you do a forum search on Glass showers you will find other threads about this with Pics I have posted etc too in the past.



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Thanks all - 


David, looks very helpful. I'll have to do this at home with the software open to follow along.


Max, what do you mean by "By the time you edit the frames and doors the components could have already been created." ? I assume you mean simply a pre-built library item, but I'm not sure.


FWIW the shower I'm trying to do is 4' x 3', and the only glass is the door and the sidelight on one of the 4' sides. I'm trying to figure out how to attach a sketch or add one to my media...


Mick, thanks for the note too, I'll experiment a bit with that.






Using Home Designer Pro demo

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