Landscape Landings with "sides" not wanted


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I have a landscape and I put landings to create the irregularly shaped concrete steps.  However the landings when connected together create these "sides" that I cannot figure how to get rid of them (see first picture).  Then when trouble shooting, I raise one of the landings higher than where I want it and it makes the sides go away. (see 2nd picture).  I attached the file also if that helps.  Please help if you can.  Thank you.

Question on landings.jpg

Question on landings 2nd.jpg

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2 hours ago, JoeJC1 said:

I attached the file also if that helps.


Nothing attached.


A couple of tips on images for posting here. 


Use Vector View unless you need to show Textures. 


Use these settings: ht1.thumb.png.123e93f132ca0e637c81989b10e6c6f7.png


And experiment with the other camera settings, especially Ambient Occlusion



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Thank you for the replies.  Here is the file attached.

Eric, I understand what you referring to with the shade in the picture.  Thank you for pointing that out.

David, on using custom slabs, i found your youtube video on creating custom slabs, thank you.  That should work if I have to change them all.


I will change all of the landings to slabs if it is the only way, but I am curious to know if someone sees an error in what I did in the file for only some to show as the "side" and others not.

Thank you,


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