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I'm trying to add different wall heights in the same room. Where the fridge and pantry is, the wall height is 8'-1/4", and the wall to the left of the fridge is 10'. The only way that I have found wall heights can be adjusted is use a half wall. Can I not add bi-fold doors in half walls? I wasn't able to add some types of doors. A door type that can be added the opening goes all the way up. 

1- How can I adjust a new wall that is created to a specific height, so I can add a bi-fold door, to the right of the fridge?

2- In a half wall, what is the trim that's on the ceiling height. above the short wall? Can it be moved down to make a flat, drywall closure?

3- Why can't a regular sizes interior wall be right next to a half wall without being cut at the top?


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1 hour ago, DavidJPotter said:

Such specialized conditions take additional manual adjusting of wall polylines and specialized settings (Shelf Ceiling) to achieve.




Thanks for mentioning one phrase, "Shelf Ceiling." I did a search and accomplished the lower wall in front of the higher wall.


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