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  1. If I select something, anything in the drawing, how can I see what layer it's on? I shouldn't have to pull up layers, click on the layers with a plus mark, then select OK to see if it was turned off. Since there's not an apply, to see if the selected object disappears, I then have to open layers again and do the process all over.
  2. David Jefferson Potter, I'd like to say thank you. Once I place my order for the software, I'll just export it to AutoCAD and do touch up work, But, at least the major parts of the elevations will be drawn in a faster time then having to manually draw them myself in AutoCAD.
  3. On a monolithic foundation there's a step down from floor to garage. When I specify the room as the garage, I can see in 3d (inside view) that there is a step down in the 3D drawing. But, on the elevation view the drawing looks like the garage floor is going UP. My question, why does it look like the garage floor level is higher than the house floor level? You can see the left floor lines are higher than the floor lines on the right. Pic 1: Floor plan Pic 2: Inside view Pic 3: Elevation, the garage is on the left side
  4. I've been looking at those plans to learn HD Pro, but I can't export anything to see how it appears in AutoCAD.
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    Export .DWG

    I'm a long time AutoCAD user so if I draw a complete house in HD Pro I'd like to do all my detail work and annotations in AutoCAD. I didn't want to have to draw the house twice and update changes every two times, one in HD Pro and one in AutoCAD. But, I would like HD Pro for the exterior and interior views. I'm still working with HD Pro Trial Version, therefore I can't save or export. Can someone draw walls, just IFC or CMU, then export as .DWG, so I can open it in AutoCAD to see what I can do with it? Thanks in advance.
  6. DJP, Thanks for mentioning one phrase, "Shelf Ceiling." I did a search and accomplished the lower wall in front of the higher wall.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. You got it very close. Here's a picture of the kitchen. It has more an "open" view at the top.
  8. I'm trying to add different wall heights in the same room. Where the fridge and pantry is, the wall height is 8'-1/4", and the wall to the left of the fridge is 10'. The only way that I have found wall heights can be adjusted is use a half wall. Can I not add bi-fold doors in half walls? I wasn't able to add some types of doors. A door type that can be added the opening goes all the way up. 1- How can I adjust a new wall that is created to a specific height, so I can add a bi-fold door, to the right of the fridge? 2- In a half wall, what is the trim that's on the ceiling height. above the short wall? Can it be moved down to make a flat, drywall closure? 3- Why can't a regular sizes interior wall be right next to a half wall without being cut at the top?
  9. Can I remove the dimension so I can just add a text?
  10. I'm trying to match Home Designer Pro drawings to my AutoCAD drawings, so some sheets can be drawn using AutoCAD and some sheets can be drawn with Home Designer Pro. Watching this video (time 2:25) How can I change the rotation of the dimension text in Home Designer Pro?
  11. I've been trying Home Designer Pro, since I've been on AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture for over 10 years.
  12. Watching the video: I was able to create a block when 3D objects are selected, because the "Make Architectural Block" appears at the bottom. I'm drawing a 2D detail, using: polyline, arc, fill style, words, and arrows. But, when I select all the items the "Make Architectural Block" does not appear at the bottom. How do I create a block out of this?