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I'm trying to show raised tie trusses for my covered outdoor patio using the Home Designer Training video attached below.  I'm planning to build custom trusses as shown starting at time 5:08.  I don't make it that far as I'm getting an error message that the roof and ceiling planes cannot be found or they are too close together.  I believe that the roof and ceiling planes are present so is there a way to increase the space between the roof and ceiling in order for the truss to be built?  Also, I noticed that my ceiling surface isn't showing or is not showing in the correct location as can be seen with the mounting location of the ceiling fan and recessed lighting.  I've checked the layer display settings and it is toggled ON. 


Also, my plan is attached. Covered Patio


Video Guide :


Thank you,





Warning Message



Example Truss





Ceiling Position Issue


image.thumb.png.6a0fc211deedd240695c1be45d49346e.png     image.thumb.png.2c9068e61707b9f0b5559a256fb898a8.png




Roof Plane Spec

image.thumb.png.711cf2fb3987f82b45493096f0567d72.png        image.thumb.png.f4e1000306f361428df6a0074bc01070.png






Covered Patio

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