Can't place a CAD circle on drawing


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I can't place a CAD circle on my drawing (or oval or ellipse, etc).  I can place any other CAD object on the plan (polylines, arcs, etc).

However, for some reason circles won't place. I have tried both placing a circle on the intersection of CAD lines and just randomly in the open. Neither works.

When I try to place the circle on the intersection of two CAD lines, it just selects one of the CAD lines.

The program shows that I have the proper tool selected - both at the top toolbar and in the left pane that appears.

I am stumped...

I've added a screenshot of the area where I'm trying to place the circle. I put two intersecting CAD lines where I want the circle to center.

BTW: In real life it's a utility pole. I was going to use a round slab and extrude it, but the program says it will only place pier footings directly under walls. I'm satisfied with having the pole only appear in plan view as a 2D CAD object, unless someone has a better idea.



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1 hour ago, MikeBaldus said:

However, for some reason circles won't place.


Why not? What happens when you try? Have you ever placed a circle before?


Do you understand that you click then drag to place the circle?

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@solver: Ha! Well apparently no, I have never tried to place a circle before!  And I'm ashamed to say that click-dragging didn't occur to me!


I would hover the mouse over the intersection of the CAD lines and the red X would appear, and my tired brain thought that meant I could just click to drop a circle that I would then adjust for size. I had been placing so many things on the plan, then opening the properties to adjust size and location that my mind just jumped to "drop the circle, then open it to adjust."


But of course no other CAD objects let you place them without a click-drag to start the process, so why would circles? Sheesh! I didn't get enough sleep last night.


@Rookie65: I don't think HD Pro 2015 has a Shapes tool. At least I haven't found one.  However, once Eric gave me the answer, I was able to select the object for editing, then use the magic wand tool in the lower left corner to "Convert selected object to an architectural or terrain object." In the dialog that appears, you can choose Slab to get a round slab, and then give it height. 


Thank you gentlemen!



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