Foundation Plan Framed walls not appearing in Framing Perspective View


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My Framing does not appear for the foundation level walls in Framing Perspective view.   I have ALL framing checked in display options. Two walls are poured (showing fine) and the rest were poured that I changed under "Wall Types" to Exterior 6-siding.

I know this has to be a simple one, but was unable to find a direct answer in the Framing tutorials and videos.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Basement wall framing..JPG

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12 hours ago, solver said:

You need to redraw the walls, not change them. Draw a new exterior wall off to the side and see if it shows as you expect.


It has to do with the layer the wall is on. Something you cannot directly control.

Fighting it all day.

No solution other than THIS VIDEO I came across and seriously hope this isn't the solution.

Apparently walk out basements with framed rear walls are some kind of rare anomaly and haven't been addressed?


Walk out basement wall no framing..JPG

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You were looking at a Chief Architect Premier video, and like Eric said, you can't assign objects to a layer of your choice in Home Designer  (which was done in the Chief video).

Keep it simple. 

As Eric said, you have to redraw the wall as an exterior 6 wall.  This way it is no longer considered to be a "foundation wall", so now the framing will show (wall on the right).
Sometimes  the framed wall does not extend to the floor, but is built on a raised foundation wall.  The wall on the left is a pony wall, which allows the height of the top framed wall to change.


In a framing view, the foundation walls do not show below these non-foundation walls.
So place a slab with footing, (sized and positioned correctly) to physically show a foundation wall below the bottom plate of each framed wall.
In the images for example, a slab wall was placed left and right, but not placed in the middle (below the doorway).

With experience, practice, and experimenting, you will learn how to improvise to get what you want. The program just doesn't do everything automatically.
It is, what it is.



image.thumb.png.eb737a7d8eaa2cbfb01ecba0d3612ea0.png          image.thumb.png.3781a63653e39d82acc6daa09c418e8e.png

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I appreciate the assistance sincerely and am still working on trying to get this "right".

It IS however, an absurd way to go about what should be a relatively common occurrence for residential construction. I do not follow the logic of a myriad of acrobatics for what should be a simple task and do not understand why a solution has yet to be offered by the developers at Chief Architect.

Why not simply create a Build Footing option? Place in plan and draw whatever wall you wish on it. You could THEN define what the wall is and if Foundation is designated, it fails to appear on the Framing perspective. If it is not defined as Foundation, and contains "framing", it would appear.  Pretty straight forward. I have tried to contemplate what issues could arise from this and have yet to come up potential "problems" that could occur. 

Perhaps by tomorrow night I will have a basement, with footings, a poured slab inside the footings, and framed walls that appear for the rear, above grade, framed walls when trying to look at ALL of the framing involved in the project. 

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We are just users, like yourself, and have nothing to do with the Chief Architect developers.

Build the slab wall with a footer, and it will cause no problems. It's easy to do.

Because your basement slab is at ground level at the rear of the house, it might require a stem wall/footer that extends below the frost line.  This is why I showed the slab wall extended below the poured slab basement floor in the image I posted.

Like I said, it IS what it is.


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