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So I decided to start from scratch, upgraded to Pro from Suite, and have been LOVING IT!  Previous advice to purchase Pro for my current needs proved to be excellent advice. 

My issue is this:

I have an "alcove" over 12' wide and two feet deep. I would like the roof to extend OVER this alcove but, when adjusting the min alcove size to over 12', the roof goes nuts.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Alcove Issue 1.JPG

Alcove issue 2.JPG

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2 minutes ago, solver said:

Think about how the program builds roofs over rooms.


What if that alcove was a room with a Room Type of Open Below.

Hmmm,...   so create a room using Room Divider on the 2nd floor then Open Below for that room?    I can give it a try, but was hoping the solution was a bit more direct than that. Assuming I have interpreted your response correctly of course.

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13 minutes ago, Jo_Ann said:

Even if the alcove is not set as a room, I get this result by setting the minimum alcove size larger that the alcove width.

I have no idea what you did to get that result.



Hmm,.. It appears your front wall is father than the 12' of the alcove width?  My front wall is 8'-4 1/2" from the "main wall" plane.

Alcove issue 3.JPG

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I believe I need this roof to cover the "covered Porch" alcove due to the 2nd floor room above it.

It appears to me that the plane of the wall above the two square windows on either side of the entrance door is the same.  Difficult to determine to my untrained eye.

In other words: Is the wall above flush with the entrance door plane or the square windows wall plane?  

elevation front.PNG

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WOA!   Wait,...  did you just now do that, like since we started this conversation 13 MIN AGO??  

That is amazing,...  and depressing at the same time.  I have been working on this single issue since 5am cst.   You seem to have it nailed already and with extras to boot!  I mean the returns are even in there,..    wow. :o

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9 minutes ago, Jo_Ann said:

Then your "alcove" is really a porch (room).



Okay. Thank you so very much for your assistance.  I will attempt to add the front porch then add a railing wall for the post and beam. Draw a roof plane towards the house and give it a three degree pitch. 


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Just a tip.


Set defaults like ceiling height, wall types and anything else you know before drawing. See the links below.


Draw all the exterior walls on all floors. Add any walls that define exterior rooms that have a roof (like a porch). Draw an interior wall to form the garage and make it a Garage room type.


Now work on the roof. You may need to add interior walls to control how the roof builds, but try adding only the ones you need.



Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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