Lost all menus/submenus in HDP - how do I get default settings back?


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Folks, the title pretty much says it all... I was working with HDP this afternoon, and did a screen capture which I pasted into Paint.  I went back to HDP and the image was now in B+W and all my menus except "File Edit Tools Help" had disappeared... how do I fix this?

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17 hours ago, solver said:

Did you reboot?



Yes, I rebooted... 


6 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

Also toolbars can be turned on  or off under the "View" main menu "View - Toolbars", you may have accidently turned them  off but you can either reboot or just turn them back  on under the View Menu.



This is what my HDP screen looks like...

HDP screen.jpg

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4 hours ago, solver said:

Also check this setting if you are not seeing the startup screen.



That didn't do it... but while in Preferences I clicked on 'Reset Options' and basically reset everything... now the only issue I have - that I know of - is that my drawing is in B+W instead of color, per below image.  Any takers on how to get back to color?  I know most of you know.

HDP screen1.jpg

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