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I alway get a camera icon with 1 or 2 never any hightr number in create or record. I don't follow the help that I reviewd on this item


Home Design Architectural 2015  very old Chief resellerfrom the 90s.


I'm still working on getting the stairs right.

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If you don't have it FW , get the Reference Manual via the Help Menu Item and do a search on Walkthrough for details instructions.


however on the 3D menu Item you should see Walkthroughs>Record WT


from my manual:

A 3D Walkthrough is a series of

picture files saved in a movie format that

can be played like a movie by other

applications such as Windows Media Player.

There are two ways to record a walkthrough:

• Draw a path in floor plan view using the

CAD tools, then direct the program to

record a walkthrough along that path.

• Create a 3D view, then begin recording

and use the Move Camera tools to navigate

through the view.


Have a look for the post about XVID Movie Codec as the Other Codecs in Windows sometimes don't work well too.



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I didn't receive the manual yet, but I did look through and read a lot of the posts in the online reference manual. So it is not possible to simply walk through the design without recording an elaborate path?


I think I am at the point or returning this. It's not really suiting my needs. It will be a year before I am able to complete this design. I already have it finished in Autodesk, and the whole thing only took me a few nights after work to complete. The only thing is that free software has very limited finishes, so I got this one. There is just too steep a learning curve. I'm a pretty patient person, and I have been nothing but pissed since I started using this and it stinks because I was very excited to get it. It just seems that some components that should be very basic are just missing or too difficult to figure out.


Each step I have taken I have looked through the boards and the support articles, but it is too time consuming and I never find an answer and want to just come on here and ask the question instead. Feeling VERY frustrated.

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Ok, so prior to purchasing this software I watched a bunch of the tutorials, thought it looked great, an looked very easy. After I got it I figured I'd just jump right in and start my design. That was my mistake. I really should have just fooled around a while on a simple design and got used to the tools.


So after completing the amount I have, and having my little melt-down, I watched the tutorials again. Now I was able to retain what was in them since I can now interact with the program, and I have figured out a LOT of the things I couldn't before. Not so frustrated anymore and actually excited again. :)

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Yes its much easier when you have the program to try as you watch videos , also if you have got it on the Help Menu , there is a link to a User Guide PDF , that helps you get started and has some tutorials to walk you through different aspects of the program. 


If you just want to wander around in your plan ,you can do that in any 3D view , you don't need to do a Walkthrough Spline or record it , just open the 3D perspective Overview or Full Camera ( you place the start point)  and mouse or arrow key your way around


With Pro you could of imported your AutoCAD DXF file and had a flying start but depending on the design the extra cost is likely not worth it.

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