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  1. Thanks Eric... no it does not
  2. That's what the 3rd image above is (palette 3). Although "edit" is checked off, it does nothing beyond that.
  3. Well that didn't work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled. I still have an empty toolbar and there is no "toolbar" under "tools" to customize it.
  4. This has just happened to me. I tried all the fixes I could find on here... none have worked. I don't have the program customized to me so I am thinking I will just uninstall and re-install. Will I lose my plans I already designed if I uninstall the program?
  5. You are the best! Thank you SO MUCH! They worked. I definitely owe you.
  6. Yay! It worked. Thank you, thank you. I am laughing so hard because yes, I do need those logo's and was just thinking... great, I don't know how to do it myself. Maybe we can strike a deal with my terrain on the other plan for those size 12's.
  7. LOL. I was just teasing. It ain't my thang either But they are the company colors. You have no idea how many times I argued that descision. THANK YOU!!!
  8. Yup, that's what I wanted. Love the carpeted walls
  9. BTW... this program really is amazing. I am having a lot of fun finding things in the 3D Warehouse to make the offices look very close to what they will when they are built. Can't wait to show everyone.
  10. Yes, I resized it. I did notice it was hollow, but didn't know how to make it solid and it didn't really matter. As long as you could see it walking in the door on the sketch, just to show the employees what it will look like. Anyway, THANK YOU for all of your help. I got the attached error trying to use the file you sent, but I should be able to use the .skp file since you now have it facing the right way. Good to know it wasn't just me with the rotate tool
  11. It says I can't upload that kind of file so the link for the original is in my original post. I just removed the writing and colored it red.