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I'm pretty new to HO but thanks to the huge amount of tutorials and videos I was already able to achieve much of what I wanted. But now I'm stuck with several problems I cannot solve. I have a short third floor below the roof which looks like this:




My problems are:

- There is a gap between the walls on the floor and the one in the attic

- The door is pretty small :D How can I achieve that it lasts into the attic wall?

- There's a gap between the attic walls and the roof

- There's a gap in the inner layer of the exterior wall which makes that I see the bricks.


I would be very glad if someone could give me some hints how to solve this problems. The plan is attached (and has several other problems, but they are secondary...).



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Hi David,


Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!


I wasn't aware of the "trick" to first have a short floor, build the roof and then increase to height of the room again.


And I'm glad I didn't do everything wrong :) Maybe some background information just in case you're interested: I live in that house which has at the moment only two floors. Now we're thinking of lifting up the roof to be able to have this third floor. And now I need to visualize that. It's located in Switzerland and yes, the exterior walls are indeed as thick as they are drawn as there's a pretty thick layer of insulation to save energy in winter (when heating).

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