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Fortunately, I started my day by saving under a new name. I made only s few changes, and suddenly I can't properly select rooms on the second floor.

There's one large bedroom that can't be selected at all, and all other rooms are selected together plus a border outside the exterior walls of the house.

Image attached.



I opened my version from yesterday and found that the problem started there.

That's several hours or work difference from the previous day, which id OK.


I know that I have a pretty old software version (2011).

My upgrade options expired long ago.

Would it be worthwhile to just buy a new version?


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Look for, find and correct either a wall that is programmed to be "No Room Define" in its dialog box or a wall connection that is not properly connected to solve this situation. You can try the "Fix Wall Connections" command found under the "build - wall+ dropdown menu.



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I was finally able to access the 2nd floor bedroom properties in the 3D view and found that the floor had dropped to the first floor level.

Once I got that fixed, things started working better.

I still had access other rooms in the 3D view to fix ceiling heights to default.

When I made each change, I got warnings about negative ceiling heights and a room would be selected in 2D, but I couldn't do anything other than click away the messages.

When the last error message was gone, so was the selection. I was back to being unable to select the faulty room.

Fortunately, I could get at it in the 3D view.


Now I'm on to new problems.

Thanks much for your suggestion,

I'll mark this as solved.

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