Cabinet fillers, auto backsplash, and default molding questions


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More cabinet questions... probably more later :)


1) Cabinet fillers - I know I can make them by using a really narrow cabinet. However, when close to a wall, they seem to be added automatically - however, auto-backsplash doesn't honor the filler. Is using a 1" cabinet really the best way to do this? You can see the gap below:



2)  Is there a way to assign default molding and have the existing cabinets updated?


3) Can I save a custom molding? I have to redefine it every time. :(


4) I need a straight molding flush with the cabinet edge. I can't set a negative thickness, so am just trying to use a 1/8" thickness. Is there a way to do this?


5) I'm getting a gap along the cabinet edge where the thin molding is & not sure how to mitigate this. The adjacent cabinet is getting an auto-filler.





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The automation built into the program is far from perfect. The auto backsplash is an example. You have the Custom Backsplash tool, or as you said, use cabinets for your fillers. Turn off auto filler generation if you want.


You cannot save applied moldings, but you can save the entire cabinet to the library.


1 hour ago, 4ndrew said:

I need a straight molding flush with the cabinet edge.


Not really sure what you want, but you can add a Blank Area to your cabinets, or use something like a Soffit above them.


Think about the tools available to solve a problem, not just the ones right in front of you.

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Thanks -


Actually, the cabinets are already installed under a soffit.


Also wish we had more control over the door fronts as they don't always scale correctly, plus I need something specific :)


I'll take a look at saving the entire cabinet(s) to see what happens.


Here's a pic of the WIP just for fun.




& one realtime from Twinmotion.




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