Can't revert to default cabinet materials


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I have defaults set up & working for cabinets if I add a new cabinet.

However, if I try to restore defaults to an existing cabinet, it only works on some of the materials.

I remember there being some odd conflict between "defaults" somewhere, but I believe I have everything set properly.


You can see in this image that defaults are set to "Color - Light" for pretty much everything, but the cabinets are showing two materials.




Further, when I change defaults, I don't see it reflected in all cabinets of the same type.

How can I actually set & restore to material defaults?



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1 hour ago, solver said:

Not all defaults are dynamic, and this applies to all objects, not just cabinets.


You will need to manually reset some things.



Hi Eric - yeah, been through that process; at least, in some cases, selecting multiple components of a cabinet when the dialog is opened allows the user to set them simultaneously.

Still, really clunky.

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