Physically Based lights not working... randomly


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I'm finding that Physically Based lights only seem to be actually working in some cases - in this pic, all lights are identical, but only the right one appears to be illuminating the scene.

If I add another and then remove it, different lights may appear to be casting light. Before I took this screenshot, the middle light was "working" until I added another light & removed it.



Any thoughts?

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  • 4ndrew changed the title to Physically Based lights not working... randomly
On 12/4/2021 at 12:39 PM, DavidJPotter said:

Each light source is adjustable, all materials are also adjustable including the "Sun", that balance then causes your end effect which is under your control.



Hi David - Nah, it's a bug. Lights are identical. When I move my camera position, they randomly change.


Edit: From support:

If all of your lights aren't turning on for a scene, I'd recommend swapping over to Use Light Settings rather than Automatic lights. Automatic lights will try to grab the 20 closest lights in the scene, but it won't always find the ones you're interested in, so you can manually select which lights you want to be turned on in this camera view. To do this, from within the camera view (this will not work in plan view) you can go to 3D>Lighting>Adjust lights. Then, switch the radial button over to "Use Light Settings" at which point you can be very specific about which lights are turned on in this camera view - a checkmark under "On" indicates that that light is being used for this camera.

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