Attic Storage on Shed Roof Building


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Hi guys!


I have been struggling for hours and don't know if what I want is possible. I do not have pictures because it is something I thought up myself so I will try to explain well. Also, a reminder I am on HDS Pro 2021.


Alright. I am working on a small structure less than 600 square feet. The building is basically split in half with a bedroom, bathroom and mechanical room on one side and an open living kitchen on the other.  The building has a shed roof with a 4 pitch. I and doing a flat ceiling on the bedroom side and a sloped ceiling on the kitchen side. This all works fine. Now for the problem...


I want to create a large storage space in the attic space over the bedroom side with small access doors from the kitchen side. When I try to make that space usable it tells me I can't do it because it is an attic space with auto generated walls. I have tried making it a 2nd floor so it is usable but then it still adds the auto walls to make the shed in the attic again and I have a 2 story house with an attic space I can't use. 


So, basically I want the angled space created over the flat ceiling by the shed roof to have a floor and be a usable room. Let me know if this doesn't' make sense. Any advice is appreciated. 


Thank you!



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So I rebuilt and took pictures. 1081163217_ScreenShot2021-11-30at5_15_04PM.thumb.png.1f90d8cf80456e06bdc51346f98384a8.png

This is the exterior of the shell and it looks how I want. 




This is the interior kitchen side showing the sloped roof with the 2 doors leading in to the space above the flat ceiling of the other rooms and below the sloped roof. This looks good, just have to add trim below doors. 




This is what the inside of that space looks like. This is the problem. I want it to look finished. All the walls seen are auto generated and I can't make it a room because it is in the attic. 


1660673253_ScreenShot2021-11-30at5_15_18PM.thumb.png.350fe29cd08e854ca0b21784866cf8a9.png 1st floor plan


1583501533_ScreenShot2021-11-30at5_15_39PM.thumb.png.249e1de1a0791acb76095545e48b8355.png Attic with Auto Generated walls. 


Everything is good except the way the room looks. I have tried everything I can think of to make it a real room.


Hope this clarifies a bit... :(


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I understand that. What I don't understand is how to create that room in any way. When I try to create it as a 2nd floor it creates a full sized room and the program then adds those same automatic walls on the attic floor. So it is not creating a room in the space above the ceiling and below the slope, but is creating a whole room and shifting up the space above the ceiling and below the slope. I guess the big question is, is it possible to create a finished space where I want it? Can a short room be created above one flat ceiling and directly blow the slope of the roof?

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