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  1. Thank you for the response Eric.
  2. Hi Guys! I have downloaded a few door panels that I really like (from 3D Warehouse) and am able to use them as objects and place them in to openings of course. I am wondering however if it is possible to make them in to actual doors that can be used in the program through the door menu? As in, I place a door in my plan, I open the menu and next to Door Style I click Library. I would like the door to show up here to be used. Is that possible? Thanks as always. Leeky Boat Studios Home Designer Pro 2021
  3. Thank you Eric, I might have to upgrade.
  4. Thank you Keith. I was really hoping there was an easy way just to add a light source in the program, maybe something they can consider adding in the future.
  5. Hi guys! I feel like this should be simple but I have not been able to figure it out. Is there a way to add a light to a lighting fixture I imported from Sketch-Up? I found a cool coral ball pendent light and I need to put light in to it. I found the add light function but I have not been able to move it in to place, it automatically attaches to the ceiling. I am basically looking to add a ball of light (not a fixture, just the light glow) to the center of the 3D Imported lighting fixture. Hope this makes sense. Using Home Design Architecture.
  6. Thank you both for your responses. That makes perfect sense. I will look at the bonus catalog or just draw in the shadows manually.
  7. Hi guys, I use Home Design Architect and I have created a forest path and was wondering if I am missing something... None of the plants or trees seem to be casting shadows (I have cast shadows turned on). All the objects like the rocks and the fallen tree do cast shadows. Do the Plants in the library not cast shadows as a rule, or maybe I need Pro? I plan to take it into my art program to add the shadows but wanted to check if there is a way to do it here first. Thanks!
  8. If you are unable to find what you need on the bonus catalogs there is always the option to download 3D models in to the program that you get from another site like Sketch-up. That is what I do if I need something the program and bonus catalogs do not have.
  9. Thank you Keith! That answers my question.
  10. Thank you Eric! One small follow up question. Once you make the template and open it up if you change defaults on that plan will it update the template too or will you need to resave the template? Also, I subscribed to your channel.
  11. Hi there! I love this software. I was wondering if there is a way to create a new default set that you can choose on startup? We have the list with default, American Casual, etc and I am wondering if I set up new defaults on a plan I am building if I can save those setting to be added to that initial list so I can then use those defaults in a new plan without having to set them all up again. I have Home Design Architectural 2021. Thank you! Leek