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I am brand new to this software, though I have used similar packages.  I want to import a floor plan and trace over it, but find no way to make sure it is to scale.


One article I found looked perfect, step by step, until it told me to use Point to Point resize button,  Cannot find it


I have Home Designer Architectural 2022.  I don't think this tool is included?


If not, how can I do what I want to do?  If that tool is included, pls tell me how to find it.



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Does anybody actually help on this forum???  I have done a bunch of research on how to do what I am asking aobut.  I am not some person who needs to be told about stuff I have been using for decades.


I wouldn't have posted here if any of the usual steps worked for me. The article I did find

Tracing Over an Imported File to Create a 3D Floorplan (

does NOT answer the question, thats why I thought maybe somebody here might be willing to help.


If you can't use the energy to answer the question, why waste your time telling me about you tube, and FAQS and what not.  I didn't just fall off a truck.

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29 minutes ago, JKHolmes said:

I want to import a floor plan and trace over it, but find no way to make sure it is to scale.


There is no way.


The article you referenced shows this at the top


The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect InteriorsVertical SeparatorHome Designer Professional


If you will try a search for trace, you will find a different article that applies to Architectural.




Consider to scale. Scale could be anything the creator of the plan chose. We are accustomed to 1/4" = 1', but it could be anything.


Tracing a plan in PDF, or some image format is simply a quick way to get the walls in place. You will need to manually verify your dimensions against the plan.


You have the tools to experiment for yourself. Draw a plan, send to Layout and print to PDF. Import the PDF into a new plan and see how drawing walls on top works. You know your PDF is to scale, provided you created it correctly. 



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Thank you, that is a helpful answer. Your first response seemed almost patronizing, though I am sure you didn't intend that.  But it alienated me so much that I didn't realize the 2nd response, from David Potter (who looks a lot like you btw, lol) did have a link to the solution. I think, haven't tried it yet, but it appears so


I just saw all this stuff about how to search a forum, and noting that I had posted my version, but then telling me I should post my version.  It was a little put offish.  I am probably too sensitive, just wasn't much of a welcome to anew forum for me.


Anyway, thanks to both of you.  I think that article willl solve it, be trying in the morning, but it does say ARCH at the top. I hadn't notice that line Eric, in my first article that does not include my version. Now I know to look for that. Thanks for that info.

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