Dormer windows help please


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Hello to everyone,

I'm new on this forum. So i hope i put this in the wright discussion.


I need help or advice for drawing dormer windows of my house.

The biggest problem is that these have to continue into the facade of the house.

So far I have only found a way to place these in the roof, but then they are not flush with the facade of the house.

I hope you can help me further.

I attached a picture of my house.





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Welcome, you did not say which software title you are using to do your home virtual model with. That is a vitally important fact to state when asking for help. The reason is that the different titles sold by Chief Architect Inc have differing abilities, tools and features. What software do you have (Year bought and the Name of the software like: Professional, Architectural, Suite...).

Lots of good people here wish to help learners but you must help them with the above information AND a clear communication verbally and graphically so the question can be clearly understood and addressed by others.



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7 hours ago, Baxter73 said:

is it possible to have a point roof on the dormer instead of a flat roof.


Like the picture? Yes, those are parapeted gables. The program will do the gable but you will need to do the parapet and other details manually.

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