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This is easily done in Chief Premier (it has wall section tools and views) where each framed wall can be shown in its own detail view but in HD Pro this feature is not present for use. I guess if I had to do this in HD Pro I would create an elevation view with nothing but wall framing turned on in the camera view, I could then add dimensions and annotations as I needed for sending to layout and printing (a little more manual work but easily done within HD Pro's capabilities).



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Mr. DavidJPotter,


I've been attempting to add dimensions to a cross section/elevation view in HD Pro 2015 for some time... I came across your post that this isn't an automatic feature available in HD Pro but one rather needs Chief Premier... which I won't be getting.


You mentioned framing dimensioning can be done manually, however I'm having problems doing so. The only dimensioning that seems to work is using the point to point dimensioning which is always in-accurate (doesn't snap to anything).


How can one use the end to end dimensioning to accurately dimension all the framing members in an exterior wall, including openings etc...???


Your expertise is desperately needed here. I've finalized my plans and I'm actually planning to start construction very shortly and having a framing drawing with dimensions would be VERY useful.


Thank you sir.





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I would say you are just not zooming in close enough to get the dimension to locate properly and you should use the  Point to Point Dim. Tool, not End to End , if you are a little off , zoom in and drag the PTP Marker ( the cross) to where you need it.

Step by Step

1.) Take Back Clipped Elevation View (after Building the Framing)

2.) Open Display Options and uncheck a.) Walls normal
                                                               b.) Walls Foundation (or Slabs) (what do you have?)
                                                               c.) a. Roofs Planes ,b.Framing Roofs
                                                               d.) Check Framing Walls   is on (checked)
                                                               e.) Moldings
                                                               f.) Floor Surfaces

                                                               g.) may need to turn off other things depending on

                                                                    what is in your model ,Door and Windows don't

                                                                    show if no Walls, Normal is uncheck  a.) above  


3.) Use PTP Dimension tool and Text Boxes/Text Boxes with Arrows to Label as needed.  





Edit : While playing a bit more with this I realised that, when you take the initial Back clipped Cross section , you can use the Manual dim. Tool the PTP Dim Tool, and the ETE Dim Tool , and THEN TURN OFF everything above and they will stay . ( make sure all dims and Text items are ON in Display Options)



these might help too


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