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    Framing dimensions

    Mr. DavidJPotter, I've been attempting to add dimensions to a cross section/elevation view in HD Pro 2015 for some time... I came across your post that this isn't an automatic feature available in HD Pro but one rather needs Chief Premier... which I won't be getting. You mentioned framing dimensioning can be done manually, however I'm having problems doing so. The only dimensioning that seems to work is using the point to point dimensioning which is always in-accurate (doesn't snap to anything). How can one use the end to end dimensioning to accurately dimension all the framing members in an exterior wall, including openings etc...??? Your expertise is desperately needed here. I've finalized my plans and I'm actually planning to start construction very shortly and having a framing drawing with dimensions would be VERY useful. Thank you sir. Glen
  2. Breeze

    Moving terrain data in my plan

    I think I got it... now I need to remember which layers to turn back on... are there default settings? Is there an easier way as it's nice to see the house in the terrain when moving it around. Thanks again Glen
  3. Breeze

    Moving terrain data in my plan

    DavidJPotter, Thank you for your quick response. As you suggested I turned off all layers associated to the house and turned on all layers relative to the terrain (terrain, roads, sidewalks). I then turned on the "Reference floor" display. However when I tried to move the terrain it still only moved the terrain perimeter and the elevation data points and the contours were left behind... Thanks again, Glen
  4. Breeze

    Moving terrain data in my plan

    I've imported terrain data into my plan and adjusted my terrain perimeter. I'm now trying to move my terrain data over to my house... however all my elevation data points seem to get left behind and therefore my terrain becomes flat. If I attempt to move the house to the terrain it screws up all the elevation points and messes up the terrain. How do I group and lock in my terrain data? Attached is a snapshot showing the terrain data and my house plan. In my second snapshot it shows the terrain permimeter moved with the contour lines but the elevations data points were left behind. Thanks for any help. Breeze Home Designer Pro 2015